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Thursday, November 13th: 


Tuesday, November 11th: Language Family Hierarchy: Family, Branch, Group, Language, Dialect, Accent. Global distribution of families and identification of language families. Language families mapping assignment


Friday, November 8th: Ethnicity Vocab due. Ethnicity Quiz. Introduction to languages. ONG Language Assignment


Wednesday November 6th: Ethnicity PPT


Monday, November 4th: Introduction to Ethnicity - vocabulary: Race, ethnicity, nationalism, nation, state, stateless nation, nation-state. 


Thursday, October 31st: Quiz on Pop and Folk Culture Vocabulary. Lecture and discussion on causes of Ethnic conflict: Ethnic cleansing, genocide, apartheid, and Caste system. 


Friday, October 25th: In group of four, use words, symbols, images from magazines, create a human outline, and explain the difference between pop and folk culture. Use all aspects of culture, language, religion, and ethnicity and use all levels of scale; local, national, and global.

Wednesday, October 23rd: Introduction to Pop and Folk Culture PPT - There are two questions located within the PPT, that you are required to answer, you must defend your responses.