Welcome to AP Government and Politics!

WELCOME to the exciting world of politics, public policy, governmental operations and civic responsibility.  In AP Gov and Pol, you are required to THINK, DISCUSS, DEBATE, RESEARCH AND WRITE! We study the foundations of government and how each of us function within the inspired system of the American Constitution. You can make a difference if you are involved in your community. 








What is POWER?


Who has the POWER?


How do you maintain POWER?


Where does POWER come from?


Do you know what you believe?

      Do you know why you believe it?

Do you know what political party you belong to?

      Do you know why?

Do you know what Iron triangles are?

      Do you know who controls the money?

Do you know who writes the bills and laws?

      Do you know what committees are?

Do you know how elections work?

      Do you know if your vote really counts?

Oh, the places we go, the things we study, the discussions we have, the philosophies we talk about, and the things that we do in AP Government and Politics!